Great Eyeglasses sale until now

I am getting used to this but would be entirely satisfied if the curvature was done with a bit more bend. Beyond that I absolutely enjoy these sunglasses, all faces are not created the same so I give it 5 stars despite. I plan to purchase again for an extra pair. After everyone saw how they held up many family members assumed I paid a small fortune for them.

he soft slip cover works well for a suit jacket pocket. Fit on the temples is very good. I looked as so called designer brands that are several times the price of the Duco glasses and found no justification for the higher priced products when these glasses work at least as well, fit well, and are at a great price.

I started off with an open mind only knowing for sure I wanted brown lenses (which filter out eye strain-producing UV/Blue light far better than gray) and polarized. (Ditto for eye strain)The glasses came in a nice looking, hard and roomy case for protection. Good start!

Optimal level of exposure is essential for all of us. How will you get optimal exposure? When you see Sun to come out after a weeklong after a bad climate in your place, you will get the curiosity to take a Sunbath. It is quite natural. Wear the right accessories when you are going to lie down on the beach. Sunglasses of the branded kind can protect you from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. There are filters used in the sunglasses for this purpose.

I stumbled on my first pair of Duco Sports sunglasses during a summer sale a couple years ago. I desperately needed new shades for summer driving and they were on sale for $15. I figure they were worth the gamble as it was only $5 more than the cheapo crappy plastic sunglasses you get at the grocery or drug store.

These are definitely polarized, and light weight and sturdy. Something you would expect from a Maui Jim, but get in these!These are not as light weight as my Maui Jim, but that’s mainly because the lenses are much bigger on these Ducos, and the side arms are about twice as thick as my Maui Jims.

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Classic look Eyeglasses worth the purchase for women and kid too

When you do that then you are going to find what you want. A perfect pair of nice sunglasses with good frames to suit your face could be unearthed. To find out if you have an oblong countenance, round face, square face or heart shaped countenance, you can take a picture.

These glasses are great. Opened the box to see a case with metal clip, which instantly put this product above expectations. Upon opening the case I see my new glasses with a cleaning cloth, soft carrying pouch, a screw driver, and a cheesy little polarization test card. I took the sticker off the lense and cleaned them really well with some rubbing alcohol, and trekked outside.

Just like any other personal accessories, the sunglasses are also available in different types. There are right ways and wrong ways to wear your sunglasses. If the sunglasses that you wear are of the right kind then you get enough protection. When you are wearing the right sunglasses, you will look elegant. If you are wearing the wrong glasses then your looks are lost.

The polarization works quite well. Even the packing is well-done. Comes with a case, lens cloth and screwdriver set. Also comes with a cute little card that demonstrates the polarization effect. easily be sold for $50, but often go for $22 or less. These are sunglasses that actually work. Not just tinted plastic. They block out significant amounts of glare from the sun reflecting of the road and on coming vehicles.

I bought these for my husband and he has been enjoying these sunglasses ever since. They keep the glare out of his eyes and he actually looks cool wearing the sunglasses which I like. He has macular degeneration so these protect his eyes. He likes to sit outside in his powerchair for a couple hours a day so these are a definite must in the south. I surprised him with these and he has been happy with them.

You do have to “spring” the earpieces a bit to get the glasses on, but that’s only because they’re curved and NOT straight for a great, comfortable fit around the head. The curved parts over the ear are a stiff rubber, which improves comfort even more. I bought another pair to keep on the boat. Love the polarization which is always needed for fishing.

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Favorite Sunglasses wholesale 2018

These are very stylish pairs of sunglasseThese are very stylish pairs of sunglasses I and love the differently styled frames/arms. Not to forget the crystal clear Polarized view too. My favorite is the Tortoise frames but sadly that’s not Polarized but the other 2 are. However the lens of the Tortoise frames are UVA/UVB proof according to the tag.

Also, my head is slightly larger than average, and the glasses fit both my and my girlfriend’s more petite head very snugly – we have yet to have them fall off or even budge. All in all, definitely not a cheap-quality pair of glasses!You have to wait for them to ship?

These glasses are great. Opened the box to see a case with metal clip, which instantly put this product above expectations. Upon opening the case I see my new glasses with a cleaning cloth, soft carrying pouch, a screw driver, and a cheesy little polarization test card. I took the sticker off the lense and cleaned them really well with some rubbing alcohol, and trekked outside.

I use them out on the water and find they perform as well as much higher priced sunglasses I have. I’ve purchased several pairs so I have them when I need them whether I’m in the car or boat. The frames are well made and I’m very happy with the quality of the lenses. Can’t beat the price/value if or when I lose these overboard I’ll feel bad a lost a good pair of glasses but a least I’m not out a few hundred $$. I would buy these again and would recommend them to friends and family.

Purchased these for my husband who is always misplacing his glasses. He asked for raybans but I couldn��t fathom spending the money on them knowing he��d probably lose or break them within a few months. Ordered these on a whim and SO HAPPY with them. The packaging + quality is even more than what I expected for the price! Will definitely be ordering from them again!

Optical clarity of the lens is excellent. Comparable to my Oakleys at 6x the price of the Ducos. Light weight and aerodynamic. Comfortable and seems to be constructed well. Time will tell over time how well the glasses will hold up since I’m fairly active. I’m temped to buy a second pair.

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Qaulity made and stylish eyeglasses for big headed men that could

I decided the raise the budget a little bit with this purchase and I like it, the lens is actually polarized and they provide a polarization test in the package, it comes with a nice hard pouch as well as a soft cloth one and a cleaning cloth.

I have the black and tortoise pair. I liked them the minute I put them on. I also appreciate the care taken when they were packaged by placing them in plastic bags and adding the accompanying carrying sack. Polarized lenses were the selling point for this product in my opinion, as I see this as an important feature for shades in general. And the price I paid gets 2 thumbs up!

I usually have a hard time finding glasses that look right on my big head. These fit nicely. I was surprised at the look and feel of these for the price. I think they are equivalent to glasses that are more than twice the price at a store. They seem very sturdy and the lenses don’t seem to distort at all. They fit snuggly but not too tight. And the nose pads are comfortable.

I am impressed with these sunglasses I have had them about 3 weeks they have been used for all day driving at my job and just got back from a week long fishing trip to Canada they got wet they got sweaty but cleaned right up with a cleaning cloth no scratches great tint on them and the polarizing was great for in the boats on the water and seeing down into the water.

They’re much cheaper than a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and you won’t cry if you break or lose them. I��m in a drum & bugle corps which means I��m outside for eight hours at a time in the summer. I needed a good pair of sunglasses and these are perfect! They��re VERY dark and stylish. They also come with a nifty pouch and a hard zipper cash for extra protection! By far a new favorite, especially for the price.

Got the item just as quick as described! Item was in great shape and came with nice case cleaning cloth and another cloth carrying case. It even came with a mini screwdriver set just in case you need to tighten a small screw on the glasses. The glasses themselves are really nice especially for the $25 price and they are even polarized and keep out glare and sun. Would purchase again and refer to all my friends.

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Designer Eyeglasses for women are available online

The polarization works great, especially when I drive. I can look towards the sun without having to squint. The glasses also have a good weight to them, unlike other inexpensive glasses that feel cheap. The springs in the hinges are still like the day I got it, closes and opens and folds the arms without a hitch. Frame is still in great shape. no scratches or any bends. Glasses fit me very well.

First of all, these are DARK. Be outdoors when you wear them. Other than that, they seem very well made and sturdy. They are a tight squeeze for my giant pumpkin head but I trust that is where the sturdiness of the metal frame will come in. The little screwdriver (adjustments?) and cleaning cloth are a nice touch as is the hard, indestructible-feeling case. It seems like a good buy, we will see. Remember, I told you they were DARK. LOST THEM, BOUGHT ANOTHER PAIR.

I have many sunglasses from different makers, while trying to find a pair that was just right. I have them from moderate prices to very expensive, from makers like Oakley and Gargoyle. These are the best sunglasses I have every tried in several decades of trying. They are very comfortable, plus I have long eyelashes, and brushing against these, as they do with many curved or wrap-around sunglasses.

I just received the glasses about 1 hr ago. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and feel of the glasses. I have not worn them for any long time but they feel very light and comfortable. they are an incredible particularly considering he price. They have flexible hinges and feel durable with almost a metal feel to the frame except for the end over the ear that are rubberized.

I bought these glasses 6 months ago. I am not a glasses guy. I am a shove them in a bag cause I can’t find the case, drop them out of the semitruck because I’m clumsy, hook them in the pocket of my jeans and forget they are there, use my work shirt to clean them kind of guy.

Used these through last 3 months of golf season. Could not be happier with this set of glasses. Polarized and overall very sturdy construction. I play 18 holes 4 times a week so if these can make it through that wear and tear then they will stay with me till they finally wear out. And if/when they wear out I’ll make sure I get another pair! Very comfortable on my ears also as others tend to dig in and rub your ears raw from wearing them too much. Definitely an excellent buy! I highly recommend them.

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