Classic look Eyeglasses worth the purchase for women and kid too

When you do that then you are going to find what you want. A perfect pair of nice sunglasses with good frames to suit your face could be unearthed. To find out if you have an oblong countenance, round face, square face or heart shaped countenance, you can take a picture.

These glasses are great. Opened the box to see a case with metal clip, which instantly put this product above expectations. Upon opening the case I see my new glasses with a cleaning cloth, soft carrying pouch, a screw driver, and a cheesy little polarization test card. I took the sticker off the lense and cleaned them really well with some rubbing alcohol, and trekked outside.

Just like any other personal accessories, the sunglasses are also available in different types. There are right ways and wrong ways to wear your sunglasses. If the sunglasses that you wear are of the right kind then you get enough protection. When you are wearing the right sunglasses, you will look elegant. If you are wearing the wrong glasses then your looks are lost.

The polarization works quite well. Even the packing is well-done. Comes with a case, lens cloth and screwdriver set. Also comes with a cute little card that demonstrates the polarization effect. easily be sold for $50, but often go for $22 or less. These are sunglasses that actually work. Not just tinted plastic. They block out significant amounts of glare from the sun reflecting of the road and on coming vehicles.

I bought these for my husband and he has been enjoying these sunglasses ever since. They keep the glare out of his eyes and he actually looks cool wearing the sunglasses which I like. He has macular degeneration so these protect his eyes. He likes to sit outside in his powerchair for a couple hours a day so these are a definite must in the south. I surprised him with these and he has been happy with them.

You do have to “spring” the earpieces a bit to get the glasses on, but that’s only because they’re curved and NOT straight for a great, comfortable fit around the head. The curved parts over the ear are a stiff rubber, which improves comfort even more. I bought another pair to keep on the boat. Love the polarization which is always needed for fishing.

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