Designer Eyeglasses for women are available online

The polarization works great, especially when I drive. I can look towards the sun without having to squint. The glasses also have a good weight to them, unlike other inexpensive glasses that feel cheap. The springs in the hinges are still like the day I got it, closes and opens and folds the arms without a hitch. Frame is still in great shape. no scratches or any bends. Glasses fit me very well.

First of all, these are DARK. Be outdoors when you wear them. Other than that, they seem very well made and sturdy. They are a tight squeeze for my giant pumpkin head but I trust that is where the sturdiness of the metal frame will come in. The little screwdriver (adjustments?) and cleaning cloth are a nice touch as is the hard, indestructible-feeling case. It seems like a good buy, we will see. Remember, I told you they were DARK. LOST THEM, BOUGHT ANOTHER PAIR.

I have many sunglasses from different makers, while trying to find a pair that was just right. I have them from moderate prices to very expensive, from makers like Oakley and Gargoyle. These are the best sunglasses I have every tried in several decades of trying. They are very comfortable, plus I have long eyelashes, and brushing against these, as they do with many curved or wrap-around sunglasses.

I just received the glasses about 1 hr ago. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and feel of the glasses. I have not worn them for any long time but they feel very light and comfortable. they are an incredible particularly considering he price. They have flexible hinges and feel durable with almost a metal feel to the frame except for the end over the ear that are rubberized.

I bought these glasses 6 months ago. I am not a glasses guy. I am a shove them in a bag cause I can’t find the case, drop them out of the semitruck because I’m clumsy, hook them in the pocket of my jeans and forget they are there, use my work shirt to clean them kind of guy.

Used these through last 3 months of golf season. Could not be happier with this set of glasses. Polarized and overall very sturdy construction. I play 18 holes 4 times a week so if these can make it through that wear and tear then they will stay with me till they finally wear out. And if/when they wear out I’ll make sure I get another pair! Very comfortable on my ears also as others tend to dig in and rub your ears raw from wearing them too much. Definitely an excellent buy! I highly recommend them.

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