Great Eyeglasses sale until now

I am getting used to this but would be entirely satisfied if the curvature was done with a bit more bend. Beyond that I absolutely enjoy these sunglasses, all faces are not created the same so I give it 5 stars despite. I plan to purchase again for an extra pair. After everyone saw how they held up many family members assumed I paid a small fortune for them.

he soft slip cover works well for a suit jacket pocket. Fit on the temples is very good. I looked as so called designer brands that are several times the price of the Duco glasses and found no justification for the higher priced products when these glasses work at least as well, fit well, and are at a great price.

I started off with an open mind only knowing for sure I wanted brown lenses (which filter out eye strain-producing UV/Blue light far better than gray) and polarized. (Ditto for eye strain)The glasses came in a nice looking, hard and roomy case for protection. Good start!

Optimal level of exposure is essential for all of us. How will you get optimal exposure? When you see Sun to come out after a weeklong after a bad climate in your place, you will get the curiosity to take a Sunbath. It is quite natural. Wear the right accessories when you are going to lie down on the beach. Sunglasses of the branded kind can protect you from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. There are filters used in the sunglasses for this purpose.

I stumbled on my first pair of Duco Sports sunglasses during a summer sale a couple years ago. I desperately needed new shades for summer driving and they were on sale for $15. I figure they were worth the gamble as it was only $5 more than the cheapo crappy plastic sunglasses you get at the grocery or drug store.

These are definitely polarized, and light weight and sturdy. Something you would expect from a Maui Jim, but get in these!These are not as light weight as my Maui Jim, but that’s mainly because the lenses are much bigger on these Ducos, and the side arms are about twice as thick as my Maui Jims.

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