Sunglasses for child and women are amazing service

A small large for me, I did so some minimal bending to fit my contour better. Overall, I’m quite happy with these sunglasses. I lost my first pair while on holiday, I liked them more than enough to replace them with the same model. They’re fairly light comparative to many sunglasses I’ve experienced, but feel like they are made with an excellent material that wont break quickly under regular make use of. I reside in a cold region and the framework doesn’t freeze my mind like metallic frames do, they can get a little frosty, but warm up quickly.

I have a wide squarish head and have a problem with sunglasses always, but these types fit very well. The spring action on the frame is helpful really. It enables it to loosen up easily am trying to place the eyeglasses on my cap or something.

I am absolutely in love with these! They are sturdy, comfy and so stylish! The packaging it emerged in was very cute aswell and it was included with a nice fabric carrying case which I like because I am awful at looking after sunglasses therefore the case will help immensely! Would recommend to everyone!

Very comfortable. I’ve a large round face. Big head in other terms. The lense comforts the eyes and are extremely clear. I like the known fact the manufacturer sent a little screwdriver for tightening and or adjustments. Flat on one side and phillips on the various other. It attaches to your crucial chain and is quite handy. The nose piece is adjustable and padded. a great value. I’ve dealt with sunglasses of most types and prices from 500$-10$. They are an excellent value. Another great gift idea. Comes with cleaning cloth, soft and hard case too.

That said, the plain things I am not absolutely all that fond of may be the tightness around my mind. I do not have a thick mind. . . or at least I do not have before, and they are a little uncomfortably-snug. I haven’t played with them much to see if they’re adaptable, but from what I can tell, this is not. The nose guard is adjustable definitely, and that has been helpful.

I had bought a similar pair when We was abroad and had to buy a new pair because mine had gotten scratched up. This one is very much better than the one I purchased in Italy and it frames my circular face very properly. The fact that they’re polarized is definitely a plus. Well worth purchasing these unless you want to spend on the Ray Ban Clubmaster’s version, and no one can spot the difference between them anyways!

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